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Apr 5, 2022
first of all im not sure if this is the right place to post this but uh ill just do it. As the title suggests, I am having major trouble with english advanced and i know this is a really bad time for me to realise as we are literally almost done with the course. I am struggling so much with advanced and made the decision to drop to standard last term but was denied by my teachers.... now since i definitely know i will not be able to continue with this course i will have to drop to english studies but im not sure if this will be a decision i will come to regret later.


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Aug 22, 2019
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Sorry to hear that you are facing difficulty with English Advanced. Although it does not seem like this subject went the way you would have wanted it to, I believe that keeping it would be the best option. This is primarily due to the superior alignment of English Advanced when compared to English Standard (and likely English Studies), meaning that additional effort and determination to improve (through remaining assessment tasks/exams as well as the HSC exam) in English Advanced may be more rewarding than doing the same in English Studies. It is also important to note that the highest ATAR achieved with English Studies in 2021 was 84.20. While this does not necessarily suggest that English Studies will definitely limit your ATAR, you may wish to consider whether dropping to English Studies would be the best option for you, which may depend on your ATAR goal as well as your own standards.

Additionally, another factor that you should consider if you wish to make an informed decision is the content of each subject. While English Studies shares the Common Module - Texts and Human Experiences, a similar requirement for an ability to develop imaginative, persuasive and/or reflective responses, as well as mutual prescribed texts with English Advanced, their respective modules differ significantly. The English Advanced modules are:
  • Common Module - Texts and Human Experiences
  • Module A: Textual Conversations
  • Module B: Critical Study of Literature
  • Module C: The Craft of Writing
On the other hand, the English Studies modules (of which the Common Module, in addition to 2-4 elective modules must be completed) are as follows:
  • Common Module - Texts and Human Experiences
  • Module A: We are Australians
  • Module B: Telling us all about it
  • Module C: On the Road
  • Module D: Digital Worlds
  • Module E: Playing the Game
  • Module F: MiTunes and Text
  • Module G: Local Heroes
  • Module H: Part of a Family
  • Module I: Discovery and Investigations
  • Module J: In the Marketplace
  • Module K: The Big Screen
  • Module L: Who do I think I am?
  • Module M: Landscapes of the Mind
  • Module N: The Way we Were
If you strongly believe that you can effectively adapt to whichever modules you will need to study for English Studies (resulting in a successful transition to this subject), then perhaps dropping to English Studies would be a good option. Otherwise, you should reconsider your decision to take English Studies and instead focus on performing to the best of your abilities in English Advanced.

I hope this helps! 😄

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