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Error in Forensic Chemistry - Reply from Board of Studies (1 Viewer)


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Sep 18, 2010
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As many of you know, there was an error in the Forensic Chemistry (fructose question). I recently emailed BOS and this is their reply.

I refer to the email that you sent dated 17 November regarding the 2012 Higher School Certificate examination in Chemistry. You expressed concern about an error in a diagram to be used to answer Question 38(d).

The Chief Examiner of Chemistry has confirmed that there is an oxygen atom missing from the diagram of fructose. This may have affected students’ ability to answer Question 38 (d)(i) which is assessing of the Forensic Chemistry option – students learn to describe the condensation reactions which produce sucrose as an example of a dissacharide.

Prior to the commencement of marking, the Chief Examiner and the Supervisor of Marking met with the Senior Marker for the Forensic Chemistry option, who read a range of student responses to part (d)(i). Together, they developed a marking scheme to ensure that students were not disadvantaged by the error. Feedback from the Marking Centre indicates that most students showed the linkage between the two molecules, recognising that it is a condensation reaction and that a water molecule is produced. Approximately 70% of students have gained one or two marks for part (d)(i).

I trust this explanation has addressed your concern. Please contact me if you have any further questions about this matter.
From the sounds of things, BOS have moved in the right direction and have acknowledged the error on their part (which is good). I hope it didn't affect any of your marks.

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