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Exchange for Comm/Actl? (1 Viewer)


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Apr 26, 2017
Hi, I'm really interested about going on exchange for a semester but I'm confused about when exactly it's a good time to do so with a Actuarial Studies/Commerce double degree.

For example, people often apply in their 1st year, 2nd semester for exchange in semester 2 of the next year, in part to do the infamous MGMT1001 while on exchange. I missed this deadline, so why and when do people usually apply next?

Which UNSW courses do they usually replace on exchange?

Even if I can replace my CT exemption courses on exchange, is it wise to do this?

I've heard people suggest to do MGMT1001 and Gen Ed equivalents but that seems like a waste with opportunities like Wharton, Stern, etc.

Are there any resources that'll help with reorganising my progression plan for exchange?

Thanks in advance
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May 1, 2015
if u missed the deadline for 2nd year S2 it'll be kinda hard to get an exchange to work around the comm/actl schedule, basically because comm/actl students all follow the same course progression (i.e. ACTL3141/3151 in 3rd year S1, 3162/3182 in 3rd year S2, etc.) and it's hard to match the actl courses to a similar course overseas offered in the same semester

if you take a look at this page (https://www.business.unsw.edu.au/students/resources/student-centre/exchange-course-guide/exchange-course-guide-login) and search for ACTL you can see people only ever manage to match ACTL2102, which is the 2nd year S2 actl subject. that's not to say it's impossible - for example Stern has a subject called life contingencies that would probably match UNSW's ACTL3151 (literally the exact same course name), but it seems no one's done it before.

anyway if i were you i'd probably try match 3rd year S1; i'd probably just look carefully at the courses offered in the exchange partner unis you want to go to, check if theres anything you think MIGHT be able to match ACTL3141 and 3151 and then email the lecturers and shit and see if they can get it approved (it's way easier to get it approved if you have the recommendation of the lecturer in charge, of course). if not, i'd wait and see what happens with trimesters.. if there's any trimesters where you don't need to take an ACTL course then it makes sense to do exchange then.

btw doing MGMT1001 overseas is absolutely not a waste, if you've seen the distribution of grades in MGMT1001 you will know what i mean :)

feel free to ask if you have any other questions - i did exchange 2nd year S2 so i can probably answer whatever

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