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Aug 22, 2019
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Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well.

I'm a tutor offering French tutoring for Year 11 and 12 Beginners and Continuers. I would also be very happy to give French lessons to younger students as well as adults and other people looking to learn French for fun (i.e. outside the NSW French Curriculum). 🇫🇷

I am a native speaker of French and I ranked first in French Extension at the NSW School of Languages in 2019.

I also offer Year 11 and 12 Business Studies tutoring. I am currently in my 2nd year in the Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership) at Western Sydney University with HRM as my major. 8Hb7Fjs-_400x400.jpg

I have 1+ year of experience and have helped students at a tutoring centre and through private tutoring (many of which are Bored of Studies members).

I'm also a native speaker of Arabic, and have tutored both students and adult learners. Since the Beginners course will not be running in 2021, I will be mainly focusing on lessons aimed at Continuers students. 🇸🇾

Any other people who are looking to learn Arabic and/or French outside the NSW Curriculum are also welcome!

I live in the Western Sydney region and can tutor both in person and online.

If interested, please send me a message for more information. 😄
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