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Has this been done before? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 18, 2023
RIght now I'm doing 13units
- 4U math
- Ext English
- Business
- Legal
- Economics
- English Advanced

My rankings are
-4U math (middle but very strong class --> Only done one test (pretty easy), average 80% I got 85, top mark 93)
- 3U math second (one mark off first)
- Business (First -> average of 99%)
- Legal (Second)
- Economics (first -> average 95%)
- Extension English (8/36 but one mark off first (only had one test so far - no results for second test yet))
- English Advanced (Average)

So, I have been recommended over and over by my school to drop to 12 or 11 units, however I am unsure what to drop. I'm behind on 4U math and have been doing some of the homework (Induction and complex numbers 2 -> Complex one and proof up to 2D was easy) and cannot do half of the questions in 2E and am missing quite a few in every chapter, so I've been thinking about not doing it. Is it possible to do 4u however just flunk the exam, so 3U counts for 2U or if not, any recommendations on what to do with half-yearlys coming up?

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New Member
May 7, 2022
13 units is fine unless you’re really struggling with a subject, people get .95 every year with like a million units. some people might disagree but imo unless you desperately need to maximise your atar or don’t like a subject, getting the backup and knowledge from an extra subject is much more helpful (especially ext 2, keeping it will help a lot in uni if you do a stem degree). I wouldn’t worry too much about not being able to do some questions in ext 2, it’s supposed to be harder subject and scaling accounts for this. obviously do as well as you can but it’s ok if you can’t do every question, and textbook questions are sorta a waste of time anyway you’ll get better practice by doing past hsc/trial questions. and yes the flunking thing would work but you’d be surprised, very few people who do ext 2 don’t have it count.


Le Phénix Trilingue
Aug 22, 2019
Krak des Chevaliers
Uni Grad
I think that an important consideration in your particular case is your study interests beyond your HSC. While not all your subjects may be treated as assumed knowledge for university degrees, studying subjects relevant to the degree(s) that you are interested in could still be useful. Therefore, perhaps you could drop the subject that is the least relevant to your studies beyond the HSC. This brings us to your suggestion of completely ignoring Mathematics Extension 2 so that Mathematics Extension 1 would count towards your ATAR. There are some questions that you may wish to consider here, such as:
  • Is Mathematics Extension 2 relevant to your study interests beyond the HSC? If so, should you ignore your performance or do your best to ensure favourable performance in this subject?
  • Is there a point in keeping Mathematics Extension 2 if you decide to simply ignore the subject?
Additionally, I think that, should you decide to drop a subject, you should drop a 1-unit subject rather than a 2-unit subject as that would leave you with 2 backup units as opposed to 1 backup unit. Further, your performance in your Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics appears to be of a high standard, meaning that dropping one of these subjects would be irrational. Instead, dropping Mathematics Extension 2 would leave you with Mathematics Extension 1 (in which you appear to be performing quite well) and creates a nice balance between English and maths in terms of your subject combination (rather than dropping English Extension 1 for instance), not to mention the fact that you would no longer have to worry about catching up and can instead allocate the study time gained from dropping Mathematics Extension 2 towards your other subjects.

I hope this helps! :D

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