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Help! Please! I am trying to do a frist hand invest. to model natural selection! (1 Viewer)


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Apr 10, 2011

So one of my assessments is to do an experiment to model natural selection, I chose to use jelly beans, and so what i did was I had half a cup of jellbeans scattered on a plate and asked my volunteers (predators) to pick out 5 of their favs - did this three times. After that i recorded that the black jelly beans were the one's that survived as no one took them.

And so I need to imrpove on this and repeat, I just was wondering, as a limiation of the experiment was that I didn't know the accurate amount of each colour of jellybeans (there are 9 different colours) and If I made each colour proportional I would get more accurate results.I can only think of that one limitation/ difficulty in my experiment, just by reading this can you think of any other problems?!!?

ALSO as I need to repeat this experiment again, should I cut down the number of colours to say 4/5 (inlc. black) and make each jelly bean 8 each for each colour?

I'm finding it hard to sort of modfiy and make it more accurate, all the help and comments would be appreciated! :)


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Jan 22, 2010
Uni Grad
you build this into a model of evoution by natural selection if you increase the number of generations.

10 of each colour bean (I'd do 3 colours but I'm lazy) 2 people pick 5 each so 20 left, get the ratio of each colour left (e.g. 10 black, 8 red, 2 green)

Put out 30 beans again but in the new ration (e.g. 15 black, 12 red, 3 green) and get them to choose again and once again get the ratio of each colour left (15 black: 5 Red)

Put out 30 beans again in new ratio (22 black 8 red) This is the effect of predation, their is variation in the population and the individuals who are best able to survive (cause they taste bad) contribute to the next generation and pass on their favourable trait

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