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How many characters are you focusing for Gow's AWAY? (1 Viewer)


Mar 22, 2007
So there are three protagonists that we can talk about in Away, in relation to Physical Journeys - Tom, Coral and Gwen.

I was wondering how many of you's out there are focusing on only ONE major character and completly go into detail on how they recover from their physical journey by going away?

Also, is there like a rule on how many Away characters that we should be focusing on? Because at the moment, i am only focusing on Gwen. My teacher told me to focus on one, but another said two. So what did you teachers recommended you to do? I'm a bit paranoid if my marks get detucted because of just using one character... and i'm struggling to keep under the word limit if i do add another character in.

Look forward to hearing your opinions, recommendations and answers.


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