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Sep 30, 2004
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HSC assessment ranks are available now from Students Online > My Details > Assessment Rank

The idea of this is to check your ranks and make sure there are no mistakes. Given the importance of ranks in calculating your final marks it is highly advised you take the time to check your ranks. Clerical errors do happen.

What is my Assessment Rank Order notice?
After all HSC examinations have been completed, Students Online will provide you with your assessment rank order within each of your courses at your school. Your rank order is calculated from your assessment results in each of the courses you studied.

What can I do if I think there is a mistake relating to my rank order?
If you feel that your rank in any course is incorrect, you should contact your school as soon as possible. If necessary, you can apply to your school principal for a review. There is no provision for a review of the actual marks awarded for assessment tasks. Further details about reviews and appeals are on the assessment appeal form which can be obtained from your school.

What is an Assessment Rank Appeal to the Board?
If you are dissatisfied with the result of your school review of your course assessment rankings you can appeal to the Board against the decision. The Board then decides if the correct weightings were used, whether the school followed its own assessment program and that there were no clerical errors. If the appeal is upheld, the Board refers the matter back to the school for further review.
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