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Aug 1, 2016
So I received a conditional offer (just need to FINISH the HSC exams) for Advanced Science at MQ. So it's great, and I'm happy, because I was told I could take my "gap" year (in which I wanna work and finished my Advanced Diploma for Accounting) and then start the degree in 2020 - by deferring it - since it's not through the UAC application.

HOWEVER, the letter I received today said it's NOT DEFERRABLE. I'm kind of disappointed because I basically planned the whole next 5 years of my life (not exaggerating) in finishing my TAFE studies -> doing Advanced Science -> turning it into a concurrent degree with Prof. Accounting at MQ and then go on to work/finish a Masters in Accounting.

SO, I've emailed the lady who does the GAT program to see whether she was initially correct or the letter is correct.

But I wanna plan for the worst, so I wanna know if I can finish my Advanced Diploma and transfer straight into the Degree of Prof. Accounting? It says something about how you can do an associate degree - but I don't know if it's the same thing as an advanced diploma?

But I'd really like to do something pretty heavily maths related - with the prospect of possibly going into teaching in my later years (and because I like maths). I can think about doing Advanced Science (maths) through concurrent degrees, but I'm wondering whether I'm just better off just doing a concurrent accounting/normal science (major in math) OR just do accounting by itself and then do something maths related online (through whatever uni offers it) while I work.
Or maybe is this even not worth it - like should I just focus on my accounting prospects/career and just do the maths thing w/ teaching later on down the track?
Overall, I don't really wanna do a straight degree (I think this is what you call non-double degrees) because I'm not heaps interested in doing the extra filler units (the ones not related to the degree), but I'm not interested in trying for Professional Practice either. Maybe Accounting and Applied Finance or Eco double?

Hopefully I can defer the Advanced Science, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Just to clarify, I reckon with bonus points and everything I'd get into Prof Accounting with my ATAR, but my priority is finishing the Adv Diploma at TAFE, because it's heaps cheaper and takes time off the degree anyway, and I can do it online.

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Jul 11, 2012
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Macquarie is not really known for doing concurrent degrees as such (UTS does).

Masters is better left until later in your career once you have gained experience.

You can always use any electives left over for maths units and potentially get a minor/major in mathematics that way.

Further another option is doing a bachelor of commerce with a bachelor of science, and then for the commerce programme following the bachelor of professional accounting degree outline. That may make it easier for you to "keep your options open".

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