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Info on Macquarie Early Entry L&A (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jun 19, 2021
hey guys, i wanted info on the l&a early entry scheme at mqu. so essentially, quite a few of my friends got early entries cause they applied before the round 1 closing date. i am yet to apply to any early entries, and i’m lowkey regretting it now, and just missed the deadline for round 2, so i’m gonna be applying for round 3. i was wondering, is there a higher chance of being accepted when applying in round 1, because i feel if i apply for the course i want for round 3, they’ll probs be out of spots cause they’ve already given it to the people that applied in round 1 and 2. so my question is, will i have a lower chance of receiving an offer cause i apply in round 3? cheers :)

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