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Information Techonology was a joke... (1 Viewer)


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Jan 18, 2010
OK I see how everyone says it's easy and everything but aren't you all computer geeks anyway? (Apart from the stupid shake the computer ones)

Oh btw was there a lot of OHS crap? My teacher says there's always heaps of them since BOS is lazy and can't be bothered making up proper questions. Were there questions from past papers? Apparently they tend to do that too (my sources are very limited when it comes to IT)

Last question and please don't laugh, is there such thing as 'state rank' for IT?
the 2010 HSC paper had NO OHS questions what so ever. 2011 had some in MPC and at the end of section IV, but I wouldn't say it was an OHS paper, since section II was based on hardware and maintenance procedures.

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