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Job seeking advice - grads and students (1 Viewer)


adores corgis
Sep 19, 2004
Plane of Bliss
Hi everyone!

Thought I'd start a thread for all students/grads/people just starting out in the workforce, where we can discuss interview tips, how to get noticed by employers, dos and don'ts etc.

I've worked in quite a few jobs since I was 14, from part time jobs in hospitality, call centre, retail, tutoring, sales, to full time jobs in admin, recruitment, software consulting, and now executive search. Experienced everything that comes with looking for a job - from submitting countless job applications, cold calls asking for jobs, failing/succeeding in interviews, and now, I look at resumes and interview people for a living.

I know grad recruitment season has started, and I'd be happy to give advice if anyone has any questions about employment. Having once been unemployed/poor and working lowly jobs/just starting out in my career, I know what all that feels like, and if I can help anyone make their job search a little easier (or even help them secure a job!) that would be really rewarding. So just ask away!

Cheers, meloncollie
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