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Dec 15, 2003
This is a list of websites and books to help you out. If anyone has any that aren't listed here, please PM me or melsc so they are added to the list. Thanks.


Australian Government home page
National Library of Australia | Australian government: selected websites
The site is an excellent starting point for research on the Australian Government or an Australian Government Department.

Australian Government Parliamentary Education Office home page
Parliament of Australia: Home
An excellent source for research and materials on the topics of government, parliament, voting.

Australian Law Reform Commission
Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)

Australian Legal Information Institute-AustLII home page
Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
A useful starting point for any Legal Studies research or for the obtaining of Australian, state and local legislation, delegated legislation and cases in Australia.

Foundation Law, an initiative of the Law Society of NSW, Australia
The aim of the site is to provide easy access to a wide range of Australian and international legal materials and bring together the best legal web sites to assist your legal research.

HSC On-line site
NSW HSC Online
Notes and activities related to the HSC Legal Studies Syllabus.
This site has since been discontinued. An archived copy is available on

Key Australian law sites
A site by Monash University, providing very good links to key law sites in Australia.

The Law Society of NSW
The site includes a useful section on know your rights and referral locations for community assistance.

Lawlink NSW, the NSW Attorney General's Department
Lawlink Home - Lawlink Corporate : Lawlink NSW
An excellent government site on your rights, going to court, crime information and legal problem search facility for residents of New South Wales.

Legal Information Access Centre home page
Legal information on legal resources from LIAC centres, public libraries and an index to free legal information pamphlets and booklets, the Hot Topic series, and referral guide for free legal advice and assistance.

NSW Board of Studies
Home - Board of Studies NSW
The site includes the syllabus and the previous Higher School Certificate examinations with comments for each subject paper. From the index on the home page scroll down to either the section titled Reading Room or Links to Other Sections. Then, find the subheading titled Legal Studies.

NSW Government
NSW Government | State of Opportunity
This site provides all types of information about the government of NSW, with links to the many different departments.

The Australian Law Reform Commission
ALRC - On-line
The ALRC conducts inquiries into areas of law reform at the request of the Attorney-General of Australia. This site is a useful link for reference and research

The NSW Law Reform Commission
Homepage - Law Reform Commission : Lawlink NSW
The NSWLRC provides a similar service as the ALRC but for the state of NSW only. Again, a useful link for reference and research.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Australian Human Rights Commission homepage

Basic Legal Notation
Duhaime's Law Dictionary
Provides students with an online dictionary of legal words and phrases

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Law
Gives students a link to the indigenous customary law documents

Law and Justice Foundation of NSW
Law and Justice Foundation - Home
Looking at the law in regards to the justice system

The Sydney Secondary Distance Education Centre
This site is a useful site for resources on the NSW Legal Studies Course.

Sources of Law
The University of Queensland provides students with explanations of different resources.

NSW Council for Civil Liberties
Especially helpful in the Human Rights topic. It provides information on a broad range of topics, especially linked to human rights abuses (such as Capital punishment)

Commonwealth Courts

Australian Industrial Relations Commission
Australian Industrial Relations Commission website
This site is extremely useful to students as it features several pages which are aimed at assisting students interested in the work of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

Family Court of Australia
Family Court of Australia
This site is the primary site of the Family Law court of Australia.

Federal Court of Australia
Federal Court of Australia homepage
This site contains information on the Federal Court of Australia. It exercises jurisdiction formerly held in part by the High Court of Australia and the whole of the jurisdiction of the Australian Industrial Court and of the Federal Court of Bankruptcy.

High Court of Australia
High Court of Australia
This site is the primary site of the High Court of Australia which is the highest court in the Australian judicial system.

NSW Courts

Supreme Court of NSW
This site is the primary site of the Supreme Court of NSW and provides information about the court, its history and Judicial Officers, as well as links to judgments, speeches, and the daily court lists.

District Court of NSW
Lawlink NSW: District Court
This site is the primary site for the District Court of NSW which is the intermediate court in the state of NSW. It deals with criminal cases, civil cases, and Registry Services.

Local Courts of NSW
LC - Local Courts Homepage - Lawlink NSW
This site is the site for local courts of the state of NSW. It provides information about the role of the courts, information for people going to court, as well as access to reports and papers

Industrial Relations Commission of NSW
This site provides information about the Commission, as well as access to daily court lists, judgments and awards.


Rough Deal: your guide to drug laws, by David Heilpern. Redfern Legal Centre, 1998.

Surviving rape: a handbook about rape for survivors, family, friends and workers. 3rd edition, the Sydney Rape Crisis Centre, Redfern Legal Centre, 1995.

The Law Handbook: the easy-to-use practical guide to the law in NSW, 7th ed. Redfern Legal Centre, 1999

Your body, your baby: women's legal rights from conception to birth, Redfern Legal Centre, 1996.

How do you plead: representing yourself when charged with drink-driving in New South Wales local courts by David Heilpern, Federation Press, 1995.

The court is open, by Reg Bartley, 4th ed. Redfern Legal Centre, 1996

Fair Enough, A case book for Legal Studies Students,Derwent B and Parker M: Longman Cheshire, Sydney, 1994.
Note: this book is out of print, but could be available in some libraries.

If you are arrested, 6th edition, NSW Council for Civil Liberties: Redfern Legal Centre, 1995.
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Feb 27, 2012
Does anyone know where I can find the old syllabus, preferably the one relevant to the 2005 HSC...?


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Jul 8, 2013
Do you know which hsc legal studies textbook is the best? I've heard Cambridge is good but there are two types so I'm confused on which one is the best?

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