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Listening: Some links that might be helpful (1 Viewer)


New Member
Apr 14, 2013
Anything is good practice. I would say that RFI en français facile is very good and the best for someone at beginner level. The language is simple yet elegant and spoken very well at a reasonable pace without any omission of syllables that you'll notice in day-to-day French (none of that 'j'sais pas' stuff). Plus, they have a transcript with it as well. It's best to read this as the audio is playing after listening to it for the first time without reading, so you'll be able to follow what's being said and reinforce what you understood without reading the transcript during the first listen. When you get better, progress to the French news on SBS Two (or is it on SBS One? I haven't watched it in a while)--this one can be a bit hard sometimes as they use vocab here and there that you will hardly encounter in your study of HSC French (you mostly learn standard French in the HSC--it's not the French that French people speak with day-to-day).
Thanks for the recommendation, i'll definitely check it out :)

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