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Looking for an idea for a major... (1 Viewer)


New Member
Nov 25, 2013
I have an interest in the weird and the macabre, and would like to challenge things because that's what the courses are all about...

I am more of an Ancient History student, and scored well with assessments on Augustus, Agrippina the Younger and Pompeii. I prefer Ancient Rome over other areas in the syllabus (just for explanation, I completed the Accelerated ancient history Year 12 course this year but have just started year 12). I have an interest in Nero because he was a bat-shit crazy dictator but I think he was part of the syllabus which renders it impossible to do so...

Jack the Ripper is a topic I am likened to... even though I have limited knowledge on it. I was thinking of exploring how the media exaggerates and distorts such records for sales. One of my teachers ex-students did a similar case study on the Manson Family and how the media glorified their fame, and it was very highly marked.

Anyways... could any of you guys help me with finding a topic?


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