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Mar 14, 2005
yea man i am, nah the teacher made me change my focus so much, i was originally going to do a program based on WW2 vehicles and shite like that, then my teacher sees a submarine picture that i collected and goes, 'i think you should do submarines', so then i collect all this submarine shite and he goes, 'i think you should do the ocean in general'. so pissed off, meh it still came out alright except for the absence of back buttons on a few pages, still works though.

Besides the theme my teacher really didn't do any other shit, any help i needed i just went to my classmates, an that was only for the shoddy 3d submarine on the welcome page, everything else i created. I was unable to add a game cus i did my whole project just in Flash MX, plus the intro movie is jerky and lacking quality bcus of the video converter that i had to use. I thought it came out good enough. better than alot of the shit that i've seen in the past.
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Oct 20, 2005
my pedestal table!!!

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go to to check it out!!! i love it, but it is on its side...hahahha

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