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Online TAFEs -- OTEN vs Western Connect (1 Viewer)


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Mar 25, 2014
This is my second year of doing TAFE online. Last year, leading into the start of this year, I completed three courses through OTEN.
* Business Cert 2
* Information, Digital Media and Technology Cert 3
* Business Administration Cert 3

The current course I am enrolled in - Library and Cultural Services Cert 3 - wasn't offered by OTEN, so I have had to switch to Western Connect. And I must say, it has been a marked difference.

Western Connect are infinitely more hands-on and involved with the student's learning experience. I receive weekly calls from my teacher, just to check on me. There are Adobe Connect sessions each week (which I don't participate in, but appreciate that they exist). most of us engaged in the course have joined a Facebook page to share information.

I think the biggest and most appreciated change, however, is in regards to textbooks.
When enrolled with OTEN, every unit had its own text book basically, and it added up to hundreds of dollars. you had to be so careful to get the 2010 version of something rather than the 2007 version, and then, after all the effort of finding the book and waiting for it to be mailed, you were done with it in a week.

In my current course so far, (4 units) there have been a grand total of... NO textbooks! All the information I need to study is either in Youtube videos, websites or PDFs/Powerpoints/Word docs which are downloadable. I think this is excellent, not only because it saves cash, but the information can be so easily changed and upgraded.

So, I guess if you're a cheapskate homebody like me who's interested in doing TAFE online, I'd give Western Connect a go. I only have limited experience with them so far, but if you want to ask me anything about them, OTEN, or my courses, I'm happy to reply! :)
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