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Jan 18, 2018
I'm currently a student at USyd, but I've only recently discovered the existence of the PhB Science course, and I'm thinking about transferring over, maybe in Semester 2 if possible, or perhaps next year. What really interests me is the research aspect, especially considering that I'm interested in conducting research as a career, most likely in academia. From what I've read, the programme has a lot of positives, such as additional undergraduate research experience, opportunities to discuss ideas with experts, the mentoring with academics, and a high degree of flexibility. With that said, I do have some questions:
  • Do I need to have participated/won any major science/math olympiads or competitions? I really only have the IB requirements fulfilled.
  • How difficult is it to maintain the HD average required to stay in the course? I know this is subjective, but if you could just outline how difficult you found it, it would be a nice guideline.
  • If I do manage to transfer in Semester 2, will I miss anything significant in Semester 1? Similarly, if I transfer next year; will I miss anything significant in Year 1?
  • What would be some negatives of the PhB course?

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