PIP topic ideas. What do examiners like? (1 Viewer)


Oct 29, 2013
Hi, so its the holidays and I've been brainstorming PIP ideas. I need to find a topic first before I branch out.

What types of topics do examiners like, or what approach should I take with the topic. Is it more about the research than the topic? What distinguishes an award winning PIP to an okay PIP. Is it the research, the unique perspective?

A SAC teacher at my school says to steer away from common and overdone topics like abortion, drugs, depression, death, dying etc. as they are unoriginal and often not properly researched. She says you can do them but you need to find a unique perspective.

I've looked at award-winning PIPs and a lot of the ideas are to do with feminism, asylum seekers, women, culture and media, equality etc. I've read a few and they're interesting, but what did the examiner like.
Do they have good structure, are well written?

I thought of approaching current issues and current affairs as they are often fashionable and more unique as they're recent. For example Islamaphobia in Australia, or ebola, women and politics, health issues

To anyone who scored band 6s in your PIP and SAC, how did you approach it? Did you do extensive research. The year I'm doing it, the PIP is only worth 30% (they changed it!!) which is annoying as it requires so much work, you want it to be worth more.

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