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Query about Tafe and HSC (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jan 6, 2013
Okay well I dropped out of school like a few months before HSC was over, it wasn't the time but now I'd like to complete HSC and go onto University. A few questions though, I'm choosing to do it at TAFE (Bansktown btw), it's a one year thing so I'm guessing its prelims and the HSC together and I'm choosing newer subjects. The Dean guy there assures me I can start these new subjects without prior knowledge but what do you guys say? I'd like to try sciences this time instead of humanities but I'm not too versed on science, I didn't pay much attention to it before in class, so with my limited knowledge can I still excel as long as I apply myself? Perhaps with a tutor?

Another question, I'm 19 btw so I'm told the students will my ageish, how is the environment like there? Are there usually bludgers at these TAFE things making high marks difficult?

I actually want to play music and eventually get into a musical college somewhere outside Australia. Doing the HSC here is partly to get the qualifications to go into said college and partly to quench my new found curiosity about scientific knowledge. While I've considered applying to some music university directly, I don't have the theoretical knowledge or the practical consistency to fulfill their requirements. Hopefully I'll have this by the end of the year with private lessons and whatnot. But as a long hop, are there some musical colleges that teach theory and things from the start? In Australia?? Are they even worthwhile?

Lastly, once you're 19, can you only do the HSC at TAFE or can you join another school as I wouldn't want to go to my old one..


Active Member
Oct 27, 2011
This has links to all the tafe's in NSW and just attend their info session to know more about it.

There are slackers as well as people who get 99+ in tafe, it really depends on you in the end. If you rank high, ie coming first, then you won't be affected by the slackers. If not, you'll be severely affected by them.

You can still enrol in a high school at 19, but you need to do prelim for one year and hsc for one whole year. Whereas At Tafe you can do year 11 and 12 within one year. if you want to quickly finish and graduate from high school and learn in an adult environment then you might consider tafe.

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