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Question C - unfair in another way (1 Viewer)

Should people stop complaining?

  • Yes

    Votes: 26 30.2%
  • No

    Votes: 53 61.6%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 7 8.1%

  • Total voters


New Member
Aug 30, 2005
Kurri Kurri

Okay look i know that a few out there happened to know the answers (think they did, or trully did) good for all those that did, seriosully it wont affect you you'll get the full marks wont you? who cares about everyone else as log as you do/did well? and seriously you may have studied it over and over again but as far as i know check yourselves if you wont it is not specifically mentioned on the syllabus at all! i am serious teachers went over it again and again at my school and found nothing! Yeah we talked about jouvanile court systems, and all that but not in the detail required and asked by the question. I know people are compalining alot about the test let them, they have a right to and i understand that those who did know the answer feel cheated but there not cause youll get the full marks regardless if you answered the question fully! so stop compaling and remember the hsc consideres all those who participate not yourself at the centre its a fair system and considers all those collectively and how they performed and based on the contriversy this question has caused there is no way of stopping the moderation of the marks it happens in every test based on the trend throughout the state. Hence the difference between raw marks and scalled marks. Focus on your mark forget everyone else okay and good luck for your UAI, or HSC result and the future but please stop it and think for a second about the majority who didnt study it cause it ISNT on/in the syllabus check it yourself only a few passovers like childrens court etc.


Robert 422


New Member
Sep 22, 2005
Can i say something KARMA IS A BEAUT!!!...anyone who thinks we should stop whinging about legal is very selfish and inconsiderate of others....were all m,eant to work together helping each otehr n not secretly whishing n complaining that PEOPLE DINDT KNOW A QUESTION! What i dont get it is why do people who know the answers to the crime qstion even bother writing posts...BUGGER OFF.....UR ALL TOO GOOD FOR US......step bak ur teachers taught u wat our teachers didnt teach us...im sorry but we dindt learn it n im angry and upset...and i will do anything to get those marks..so for all thsoe people out there who say ' u shoudlve studied it its your fault' remembere that one day ull come acros s a qstion that u neva studied n HEL I hope u dont know the question n get zero...because like i previously said theres such thing as karma wat goes around comes around...so stop growing a head about how u knew the question n help students who didnt know the question to complain to the BOS...sorry this 2cent coment didnt come earlier but ive been quite off track lately...so here it is.
bye every1....:D

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