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May 29, 2015
Wollondilly Shire
Hey there,

I completed my HSC back in 2015 and rejected the university offers I received. Now that I work full time and have completed my TAFE Certificate, I've re-applied for university and have been accepted - again. I intend to enrol, though I have already deferred it until next year (2019).

The course is Bachelor of Language and Linguistics and my questions pertain to the course content and assessments. First and foremost, my main concern is the amount of time I will need to dedicate to my studies. I work full time as a Hot Water Technician, so were I to attend university, I would only be in attendance once a week. I've already invested my own time into studying my language of choice (Japanese) for the past 6-7 years, so I feel that will be a solid advantage for me in my coming years of study. With this course, what sort of assessments would I be expected to complete? I would assume that there would be essays and theses, but what would they entail? Would I be expected to write a small essay in my chosen language, perhaps? Perhaps it'd be a detailed examination of my language, but articulated in English?

I understand that this course isn't among the most common studies, so I low-key expect this thread to be condemned to the void, but if anyone has even a slight understanding of what I can expect, please contribute! :)

Thank you in advance.

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