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share left wing experiences at uni (1 Viewer)


∞∆ who let 'em cook dis long ∆∞
Oct 20, 2022
today my tutor for one of my subjects completely trash talked every conservative politician he could thing of. every 2 minutes he moking a different conservative, when it barely even related to what he was taking about.

same thing happened a few weeks ago with a different tutor. she was calling every conservative she could think of a 'horrible, horrible person'. when she brought up the names and trash talked them, it had absolutely no relevance to what we are learning.

how come all uni lectures/tutors are left wing? are right wing people like banned from being uni lecturers or what?!?

i do math/science/business subjects. i didn't come to uni to learn about politics and the political opinions of these random tutors

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