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Social Media and International Students (1 Viewer)

Nadia Mustafa

New Member
Jun 11, 2015
Hello :wavey:

My name is Nadia and I’m a 3rd year Flinders University Student. I am currently doing a study to explore the social media potential in helping International Students in their transition and adjustment in Australia.

As an international student myself, I find myself using social media a lot in my daily life. Besides getting constantly updated, social media is an amazing way for me to connect with the people around me. This has helped me a great deal in adjusting to my life in Australia.

Social media sites such as Facebook have been found to help international students to network through past and new relationships, helping in their adjustment and well-being in host countries. This study aims to see how social media has been helping YOU to adjust in Australia.

Do click http://cqu.fluidsurveys.com/surveys/dr-d/international-students-social-media/ to help in completing this survey

Your input will be greatly appreciated

Thank You​

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