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Aug 16, 2015
Hi I am still in school (2015 hsc) but wish to take tafe into uni as I know I will get 50 something atar tops and on this atar I can’t get into uws let alone uts which is my ultimate goal. I wish to enrol in tafe and get open up the opportunity for a degree at uts/macq. I want to pursue a path in business/finance but I am still undecided on computer science/it.

I have few questions regarding the tafe course and the process into uni that needs clarification.

1) is there a priority of a diploma over a certificate 4 and is it worth the money. How much more difficult is the diploma and is there more demand for the diploma over the cert 4 to unis?

2) Does the tafe course have direct correlation to the 9 courses I select in uac? I’m planning on doing diploma of business at tafe but will I be eligible to do IT at uni?

3) Is it a matter of offers from unis or do I have to choose the uni course that has direct correlation to my tafe diploma and wait?

4) I wish to do the course “Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Science in Information Technology” at uts but am not sure if this course is open to entry via tafe and if not what courses at uts are.

5) Does any of my 9 selected courses on uac need to be listed as open via tafe for entry/offer into it? Or are most courses except law etc allowed for entry via tafe?

6) What are my chances if have completed my diploma for a pathway into an uts degree course?

I’m freaking out :/ confused and stressed as I’m stepping into uncharted territory. Help will be really appreciated Thanks :)
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Oct 26, 2015

I'm not an expert in this area but I know a bit and I'll answer to the best of my ability

1) Whatever you are studying, it must be AQF certified, otherwise uni won't take you. I didn't actually know a cert 4 could be. There are many different types of diplomas as you probably know, some of them require you to have a cert 4 already, some do not. I would recommend those that don't because they are designed for beginners and it won't be too hard.

2+3) No. I know someone who did a diploma in Fine arts and got into science at UNSW.

4) As long as your course is AQF certified, you should be able to. I'm not 100% sure

5) Pretty sure most are

6) Ideally you should have other preferences at different uni's. A TAFE course is not going to guarantee your entry but you should at least get one of your preferences.

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