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The Town Where Time Stands Still (1 Viewer)


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Oct 4, 2007
These are just some notes that i made. I thought they might be useful because there isn't alot of information on 'The Town Where Time Stands Still', out there.
Optimistic view

-'Travellers' shows the focus of extract, who this text is about and directed at. It is also the noun associated with the understakers of journey

- In the firtst sentence there is a duality of travelling. It motivates and explores the desire for profit and pleasure combined with the search for the 'genii loci', the meaning of life.

- Travel taken over centuries, the motive of time is represented.

- Assertion unsupported by facts further implicates pure speculation.
- The word centuries, implies travel and physical act of journeys been occuring over time

-genii plural of 'genius'. Mental high of ability. It signifies a higher understanding and the obtainment of knowledge

-loci plural of 'locus'-loci places or localities, symbolises travell, journeys.

-genii lcoi- spirits of location that work magic on viewer

-travel, search for ultimate psychological and spiritual experiance comes from finding 'heart and soul' of place. These Travellers are looking for something that will complete them.

-vacations taken to be moved rather than to move they want this awakenng to occur without having to move from there place.

-'seek external geography that will act on their internal phycology'. Implies that they seek a physical holiday and journey which is undertaken to impact on mind and spirit rather than on the physically form.

- The geography or location will purge the internal turnoil of the traveller and clense their spirtuality and their mind

-'They will return to place from which they came blessed and altered', implies that they will experiance englightenment which will allow the traveller to return to depature point altered and changed due to the spirituality of the place

-If all explorers searched for something or somewhere like that the world would be enriched and the new world would be enlightened

-non fiction
- written in thirdperson
-present tense
-travel reflects the motives motives and theconsequences
-adult readership for educated people
-didactic explanation
-strong verb choice
-contrasts between internal and external
-believe that journeys motivated by desire to gain profit achieve pleasure
-propitiate spirits or other focuses associated with place
-be enlightened or inpired
-gain positive growth or alteration
-pillow book genre- best and worst about a journey
-interpersonal voice
-diolatic explanation of the psychology of travel
-assumption-reader is interested in understanding th reason of journeys
-3 sentences contain 2 or 3 ideas
-geography and phycology contrast
-move and moved contrast
-profit and pleasure contrast
-use of complex sentences


1. balanced sentences
2. written as a formal 3rd person stance
3. didactic
4. catharctic writting
5. alliteration ("profit and pleasure")

Some of the ones I used were:

1. Successive juxtaposition ie. ''humans hope to be moved rather than to move. They seek an external geography that will act on their internal psychology''. The internal juxtaposes the external. They seek something external that will act on the internal.

2. Compulsive expressions eg: ''unconscious, compulsion'', ''irresistible force''

3. Didactic language makes it clear that the piece is intended for an educated, adult readership.

4. Spiritual jargon eg: ''blessed and altered''. This is aso on example of religious conotation. It speaks of being blessed and therefore altered internally.

"to be moved, rather than to move"
"an external geography to act on their internal psychology"

Keeps the responder guessing. Contrasts inner and physical journeys

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