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Thinking of doing B. Clinical Science? READ THIS (1 Viewer)


New Member
Mar 9, 2019
Hey all, so you wanna do B Clin Science at Macq?

My guess is that you're aiming for medicine, dentistry or physiotherapy afterwards. I'm sure you were all lured into choosing this degree because its "fast tracked" and has "GAMSAT Training". LOL lemme spill some tea on this degree. :sun::caffeine:

This course is 2 years, thats what makes it so attractive to high school leavers. But a lot of people end up finishing in 3 or more years because it is so unrealistically planned.

Here is the course layout: (this may have changes since MQU is changing this degree into trimesters (4 units every semester - 12 units a year?)

Semester 1: 5 Units
Winter session (The one month you get off between semesters): 2 Units
Semester 2: 5 Units
Summer session (2 Units)

- The same goes for year 2.


Now IDK bout y'all but that is super intense in my opinion. Not to mention that if you fail a unit you automatically have to extend your degree.
You don't even get your proper breaks as you should, because trust me your brain will need a rest after semester 1. Instead of 1 month off after S1, you only get two weeks off for winter and 1 month off for summer. That is nothing, honestly. A lot of people drop out

There is no major for this degree, so you pretty much do a bunch of science/health related subjects, a little bit of everything. I personally find that this is pretty shit since you can't major in anything, and this also makes it harder to get a job. In order to get a proper job as a physiotherapist you'll have to do post grad after, same goes for med or den. Job prospects are not that great. I don't see what job you can get after this degree other than research related jobs.

Now for the GAMSAT training part of this degree:
  • you do the unit over summer (5 weeks)
  • you're already expected to have prior knowledge of the basics of all the 3 sciences (which is fair)
  • Each week you have 2 tutorials, in each you focus on 1 part of the GAMSAT
  • e.g. Tute 1: Section 1 - you'll do a quiz by yourself and then do it again with your team and then he goes over it and explains the answers and then do it again. Tute 2: section 2 - write practice essays
  • he gives your tips and tricks on how to do well but honestly you can find these on the internet or youtube vids as well
  • you have 2 exams - one formative (non-graded) and one final
  • You don't really learn much, you're already supposed to know things

A more detailed overview of the course:

Semester 1: you'll do:

  • You'll have 1 prac and 1 tutorial every week along with 2 lecture
  • The prac and tute are hurdles (must get 40%)

Medi103 - Professional Practice
  • This unit is pretty chilled out
  • No final exam but you do a group presentation and reflections

CBMS104 - Chemistry
  • Not too bad, pracs every week
  • Definately do-able


BIOL108 - Human Bio
  • This isnt bad - its like biology, a bit of everything, pretty interesting at times

Winter Session 1:

Medi201 - Cardiorespiratory 1

  • This is pretty intense, you have pracs and tutorials which are online sometimes. By this time you're tired from S1 and its just hard to keep up, but oh well. You also do simulation labs which are okay ~.

Medi202 - Renal Alimentary 2
  • This is the same. Intense. You have anatomy practicals and spot tests which aren't too bad, but you better keep up or you'll fail.

Semester 2:

Medi206 - Professional Practice 2
  • Similar to the other one
  • Assessments include portfolio (reflections + shit), online quizzes, group project, essay
  • Not too bad.

Medi204 - Neuroscience 1
  • Covers the basics of neuroscience - PAY ATTENTION IN THIS ONE, YOU'LL NEED IT LATER
  • Assessments include: Practical spot test, final exam and online quizzes weekly.
  • Its meh ~, really boring.

Medi203 - Musculoskeletal 1
  • This one is okay
  • 3 spot tests, 3 online quizzes, final exam

One People/Planet unit

Stat170 - statistics
  • This is pretty good, nice and easy

Summer Session:

MEDI207 - GAMSAT UNIT - mentioned above

MEDI209 - Genetics and genomics
  • This is okay, not great
  • You have practicals and either a presentation or a debate
  • Boring

And if you're still here after the first year, you'll know the other units by yourself.

So, should you do this degree?

Look, if you're super smart and determined to do med, dent, or physio or whatever else, and can maintain the same progress throughout the 2 years you'll be fine. A lot of people obviously have graduated. A few have gotten into med, idk what the others are doing. But if you can keep up with 2 whole years of studying then go for it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PLAN B

On the other hand, please do note that this is not the only way to get into med/den. You can do a medical science degree in 3 years and still do med. At least with that you'll be able to get a job afterwards, even if you don't want to do med. You'll get normal break times and do regular 4 units like everyone else. There is no need to rush it mate you're fresh outta high school. Theres plenty of time to decide. Just make sure you don't reach the point of burn out because that sucks. If you find out during the first sem or by the end of the first year that this isn't the degree for you, CHANGE IT, GET OUT A.S.A.P. Don't put yourself under more debt and keep wasting your time.

Personally, I would not recommend this degree to anyone. Do medical science or something else instead, seriously its much more enjoyable.

Just because I had a bad experience with this degree doesn't mean you will too. If you're interested, go for it but change as soon as you realise this isn't for you. Your future is in your hands, choose wisely.


Active Member
Feb 22, 2017
Sydney, Australia
Liking this post because I think there needs to be a fair discussion regarding health sciences at Macquarie. I love Macquarie University, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with every aspect of it.

Honestly, the appeal of this degree is that it takes less time- 2 years as opposed to 3- but there's nothing wrong with taking breaks. After hearing disillusioned students tell their stories about this degree, I think its important that Macquarie reassess themselves.

Also, a 2 year degree looks 'fishy' and is nowhere near as recognizable as a 3-4 year Bachelor.


New Member
Mar 9, 2019
I’m glad it was useful, honestly I just want people to know the real face of this degree lmao. It’s a waste of time haha I’m suffering but at least I can save the others


New Member
Oct 12, 2022
Hey guys I am in year 12 should I consider doing medical science instead perhaps at a different uni or continue with my current choice of clinical science at MQ. I expect to get an atar of around 90-95 and have decent ucat score which hopefully will land me in WSU MD, however I am not sure. my current approach is to attend a bachelors degree in a related field and re do the UCAT next year, in case I do not make it in first time round (quite probable). Any other pathways? What are your experiences?

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