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Timber Assignment - need help please (1 Viewer)


May 24, 2021
Hi There,

Here is the Timber assignment we have. We have search and thought we were on the right tract but were then told no 3d printing is it not. We did question 1 and were told we are wrong. We found 3d printing, robotics and automation. We chose 3d printing as our emerging technology, but now we must redo everything and are lost. Can anyone please help how to search these question and can recommend websites that can help us. Thank you very much, we appreciate it very much.

  1. Identify at least three new and emerging technologies that are used in the timber and furniture industry.
  2. From your list choose one new and emerging technology and explain what it is and how it is used in the industry.
  3. Explain the impact your chosen technology has on society.
  4. Explain the impact your chosen technology has on the environment.
  5. Analyse the cultural issues locally and globally surrounding the use of your chosen technology.

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