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Sep 4, 2002
In 1995, one Court considered whether or not interests which were said to be derivative of aboriginal title were compatible with one Torrens system and, accordingly, registerable in a Land Title Office.

"One cannot and should not exclude the possibility that there may be interests in land which derive from aboriginal title which are compatible with a land registration system and may therefore be registerable under the Act. Accordingly, claims for registration based on an interest derived from aboriginal title should be examined on a case by cases basis."

Torrens Title, the property law of freehold land, was extremely relevant to the Aboriginal case regarding Land Rights.

Whether or not that means this it the right or wrong answer or not, i dunno

I put DREAMING for that MC, simply because 'Dreaming' isnt a legal claim for heritage --> rather the proof of 'elders' and stuff is.


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