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Tpc (iv) hsc(iii) cgve(ii) (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jun 6, 2010
Hey Guys,

firstly if anyone wants help with entry to tafe for cgve, hsc, and tpc.
i'm more than happy to help out.
tafe courses can be a little confusing.
its good to get some feedback from someone who has done the whole range from (II) to (IV) and now at University studying Physiotherapy.

I studied cgve, then hsc, although I changed to tpc, because it had better admissions for my course. its great for mature entry too.
uni's love tpc because firstly tpc student have a lower drop-out rate, and u learn a degree of maturity, including many skills which you will aquire along the way, that no other course will offer.
it's a great course.

i bought all the books which were neded for the course(s), but now i need to sell them. I've got over 30 textbooks, including UMAT.

if your interested PM me.

ive got a list of books below.

Biology in Context -The Spectrum of Life (EXCELLENT BOOK)
Chemistry 1 - Prelim Ed (EXCELLENT BOOK)
Maths in Focus - Book 1
Maths in Focus - Book 2
Chemistry - The Easy Way - 4th Ed
Physics - The Easy Way - 3rd Ed
UMAT Volume 1
UMAT Volume 2
UMAT Practice Test
The Business Communication Handbook
Report on Financial Activity
Business Studies in Action
Justice, Money and Market
The Market Economy
Art InSIght
Excel Prelim Physics
Process Science in Action
Science World 10

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