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Oct 30, 2020
Hi so I've always never settled on what i actually i wanted to do but every career ive wanted to do involve helping people or being with kids. Anyway the year after graduating I sat a social work course but dropped out quickly as I wasn't interested and I had alot of personal things going on. I tried to go back mid term and sat social science instead and I finished the term with a 6 GPA and made deans merit that year. i went back this year but dropped out half way through the term I became very stressed because of online learning and I felt like i lost interest in my course I tried a business course mid term dropped immediately it was so boring. Since being out of uni its always been in the back of my head? Right now im very confused on what to do but I feel like returning to my social science course as I liked it before I went online learning. Help? Is it worth going back? .^ to add onto this i was thinking of just doing less units and working less days. Like I think if I go back hopefully I'll fall back in love with my degree?

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