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Bored Uni Student
Jan 11, 2021
Hello everyone,

I'm BoredUser and as someone who is bored, I have decided to create a pseudo-journal in which I go through the subjects I have taken and give my ratings and advice so that you can be more prepared for courses you might take in the future. Even if you aren't an university student, this can give you valuable insight into how the courses are and the "vibe" to it which can help you decide whether you're interested in doing a similar program. I feel this will be the most helpful for 2023 students who have an interest in STEM since you will take many introductory courses such as MATH11(3/4/5)1/1081 or comp1511.

Let me remind you, my opinion should not be the penultimate one for your judgement but should definitely give you a path to steer towards. I do believe that if I knew certain things sooner or heard it, it would've helped me. There are plenty other course reviews so make sure you check them out as well, I feel mine's is a bit more elaborate than most so it should help you.


I will be taking Phys/Math/Comp courses this year and I am sure that I will take more comp courses over the other 3 years among with Math/Stats and/or Phys.

Hope this helps.
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