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Urgent 1984 + Metropolis Essay help (1 Viewer)


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Aug 14, 2017
Welp, i got an essay due on 30/05/18 basically 4/5 days from this thread post. I'm abit stuck because we only had like 5 weeks to study the two texts and already have an exam, (Viewing task, seen the day before and an essay question ~ which the teachers have hinted that it will have something to do with what we focused on because ATM we aren't ready for a random question. The hint is "oppression and the way it is done" we are also currently writing an essay on "What does your study of intertextual perspectives reveal about representations of oppressive authority in Nineteen- Eighty Four and Metropolis? In your response make detailed reference to your prescribed texts."

So now that anyone willing to help knows the context ;) of whats going on, can anyone help mark or give tips pls <3.

will send PGs/listen intently.
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