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Year 11 Fort Street Entrance Exam 2017!! (1 Viewer)


New Member
Aug 7, 2018
Hi, I would like to know the experiences and some information from the people who had previously taken the Fort St entrance exam to get into the school for year 11. By this I mean by in all honesty:
- how hard were the exams? ( both english and math)
- approximately how many people were there? ( for the exam)
- any specific topics to be studied for maths.
- how many people does the school usually accept?
- after the exam, did you feel like you were going to make it in or nah -> how confident were you?
- any tips/extra info would be very nice as well!

Oh and also, I've been hearing some of my friends say that apparently the school would usually just give the applicants, the year 10 half yearly exam as the entrance test? Is this true to some degree? Or?

Thanks !

Hello! I hope you’re still active on this~ I’m taking the exam this Saturday (AAAAA) and I’m FREAKING OUT- what do you recommend studying? How many people were there? >>> WHAT DID YOU WEAR TO THE EXAMINATION? SCHOOL UNIFORM?? <<<

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