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  • Wait so which part of China are u from?? :p Indonesia? Never been there before but I've heard that the FOOD is bloody amazing lol. How come ur interning over there tho? For now I guess... I get what ur saying, trust me!

    How did u get out of that slump if I may ask?
    ni hao~ well both of my parents were from Shanghai, China actually so yeah... nm really, just been aimlessly procrastinating every day during summer break lmao, Y11 starts for me in around two weeks or so and I haven't done jackshit the past four weeks cause I'm lazy af. wbu??
    Hey mate,
    I noticed on a few old threads that you commented on that you've been doing Petroleum engineering at UNSW.
    Im currently completing my HSC and wanted to ask a few questions if you have the time.
    Im interested in studying Petroleum and was wondering if UNSW is the only uni available to study at?
    Im not sure if ill make the 92 Atar requirement and was wondering if you knew of any other ways to enter the course ? (Enter a lower atar course and transfer, try through FEAS, ect)
    I was also wondering what future job opportunities are like and if there will still be jobs in the future and where in Australia or overseas?
    Also any other things that you wish you would have known before you enrolled
    Thankyou for your time.
    Joel Gaunt
    Hi! I'm interested in enrolling in the course ARTS1452 at unsw and I'm just wondering if you could send me a few past papers so i can see the level of difficulty of the course?

    thanks :)
    hi sorry this is random but im trying to download some resources but its not working, does the same happen to you, or is it me :/
    Sorry to bother you but I have one more question - are there more fobs studying Introductory or Intermediate Chinese Background A? LOL
    Hey :) I saw your post in the Chinese thread and was wondering if you could please send me a few past papers for both ARTS1452 and ARTS2461, as I wanted to see which one would be right for me. Thanks in advance!
    Hey 4025808, I noticed from your signature that you are doing Chinese Studies at UNSW. I'm just wondering if you learn to write simplified or traditional Chinese in the course. Thanks!
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