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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    Just put some money in today. BTC and LTC. Next up Ethereum and maybe NEO and Dogecoin for the lulz.
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Last sem mine came at 501pm, so hopefully mine will be out in around 20 minutes.
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    alternate courses to international studies?

    Agreed, B International Studies is pretty much compulsory International Relations major, must go on exchange (but you don't have priority). BA is very flexible and that is recommended imo.
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    UNSW Semester 1 2018 Timetables

    Feels good when I no longer need to post my timetable coz won't be at uni anymore.
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    Carrotsticks' 2017 Mathematics Extension 2 solutions

    That's what I tried doing too, Q_Q
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    4025808's Maths Tutoring around Eastwood/Epping area and UNSW :)

    New year upcoming. Time for another thread bump :)
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    Trial HSC Papers & Links (2017 version)

    Keep up the good work. Extremely useful thread right here. :)
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    MATH2621 Higher Complex Analysis

    I remember doing a taylor series on that one, where e^z = 1 +z + z^2 /2 + z^3/3! + ...
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    Official UNSW S1 2017 Results

    PTRL4012 - 82 As for my other two subjects not sure as of yet but am certain they'll be both lower than the above one.
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    S1/17 WAM Predictions

    Maths results will be out tomorrow, I think.
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 Typical mreditor - snakes being snakes.
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 Yeah, I remember PHYS1121 being quite hard of a course. Finals were quite hard mainly due to lack of study, and that's for most people who only had a few days to study. Not sure how I managed to almost pull a HD for that course (omfg). Also, the supplementary is...
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    2U/3U Maths Band E4 Requirements

    Depends on your school and relative difficulty of assessment tasks. If your school is lower ranked then chances are it'll be harder to score band 6/E4. Also, what is your rank at school? Also an E4 for 3U is a 90 (which is actually around a raw mark of 50-55/70 for the HSC exam).
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 Make trimesters = take more people, do more courses per year. More $$$$$ for the uni. Uni is literally a ca$h cow right now.