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    how hard is comp1917/1511

    The course doesn't require prior knowledge in programming, but I've heard it is a lot faster than COMP1911. There's no need to take the course if you don't really need it, but if you like programming, COMP1911 is very easy to get 75+. I can't really speak for 1917/1511 but i've got friends who...
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    Transferring courses

    Faculty office told him to apply even though he only had 24UOC, and he got the offer before Sem 2 last year
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    Transferring courses

    I have a friend who transferred last year from MatSci into Eng/M BioMed after Semester 1. ATAR wasn't enough by itself.
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    Transferring courses

    Just do your normal engineering subjects like Math 1A, Phys, Engg1000, and like whatever the normal 4th subject would be for Chem Eng, you'll likely even be able to IPT in second semester of first year if you have like a 70s WAM even though you don't meet the 36UOC minimum.
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    New and Improved! Studying @ UNSW – a guide to what you really need to know

    Where is the St. George ATM near lib/subway? I've never noticed.
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    I haven't gotten an offer yet

    It's just to let you know that as long as you leave your first preference as the course you have guaranteed entry into, you'll get the offer on UAC when main round results are released.
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    When to go for tutorials?

    Doesn't matter tbh, I learnt most of my things at the tutorials since I don't really get what's going in when the lecturer goes through content at super fast speed. It might make you think lectures are pointless, but I wouldn't advise not going lectures unless it's actually useless.
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    Lend me a hand in the right direction - 90+

    Mid to high band 5s in all your subjects should be sufficient for 90+ If I remember correctly, my English raw marks were about 70-75, 2U were about 80-90, Engineering about 75, Physics about 70-75. My final HSC marks are mentioned below. I didn't get a raw mark report from the HSC, but this is...
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    The Woolworths Thread

    Ahh, haha ye I got an offer today for a metro store at Woolies, it's Grade 1 pay which means it's probably around high 16s, :L Probably won't work there since I got an offer at Coles which is $24.67/hr. Anyone got any suggestions on how/when I should let the manager know I don't want the job...
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    The Woolworths Thread

    o, not bad, this overnight fill or just evening nightfill?
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    The Woolworths Thread

    How is the pay at woolies for casual and part time 19yo?
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    Best course to do to swap into UNSW commerce?

    I was able to get into Commerce with bonus points but looks like you took Gen Maths/Std English :( rip free points. Probably best to go into economics and try average a distinction so you can transfer to Comm/Eco or something
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    Cost of Summer courses?

    Ahh thanks guys :)
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    Cost of Summer courses?

    Hello guys! I'm planning to take some engineering courses during UNSW summer period, does anyone have an idea of how much it might cost for ELEC1111/MATH1231? Thanks
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    Atar estimate post-trials :)))

    We had two 99s last year at BWB and a high 98. Your ranks are basically around top 3 for everything so you should be around top 3s overall too! :) Have faith in yourself, you'll get it haha!