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  • It is used for practicing and assesment.

    I didn't go to uni on tuesday lol, that description doesn't really ring a bell. And I was at Blacktown Station on Monday at like 7am. Curiously are you fillipino?
    I did the course in 2010 and we didn't have any online quizes. But yeah you do the exercises in the labs.

    I only wear glasses during class or watching a movie or something, what day did you see me?
    Never looked at the textbook, was pretty useless, do you mean the the formulas like SUM? The second part of the course is VBA programming, you press Alt+F11 to go to VBA in excel. Course was pretty difficult and I got a low D.
    umm yes the questions are on the course website, yes you can just get it marked and leave but some tutors might be tightasses. Look up the course outline, it is in two parts, first part is excel and microsoft access stuff (easy part and you have probably been through this part in HS) and the second part is VBA programming on excel which is difficult. I think the excel and access stuff is pretty easy and if you have played around with excel and access before you should be alright with it. With VBA I think the HSC software course might have been useful but I didn't do it.
    Umm, you have to drop out of that class and then re-enrol. Swap means you'll change a subject for another one.

    If you do it really quick, your unenrolment would make a vacancy of one in that class. You should technically be able to re-enrol into your tutorial again.
    I'd assume that Organ Lab is in the Physics Building. And Lectures finish 5 minutes before it says it does on the timetable...
    I don't have labs so I don't know. But those venues are walkable, CLB to Physics Theatre is down stairs and you can make that walk in about 5 minutes.
    Dom bro, have you decided what you want to do? Ugh, the choice is absolutely killing me...
    1. No, you have to meet entrance requirements for the single degree.
    2. Yes, but you have to have a high WAM/GPA whatever because you're competing for places.
    If you apply for a double degree, you can't 'drop'. You have to transfer to the single degree.

    And yes, you get a separate certificate - I believe.
    Ah, so final ATAR was 98.75, haha.. no 99 but still preety stoked! :)

    umm.. I still have huge aspirations to get into medicine, despite my poor UMAT results this year..
    so most likely planning on going into Adv Sci @ UWS with a scholarship and look for a transfer after year 1.
    If not, maybe something in the realms of health science @ USyd e.g. physiotherapy (97) or bachelor of sci/master of nutrition and dietetics (98.7).

    hey mate,

    Estimated ATAR: 99.10 (according to matrix 09 and talent100)
    English: 91
    MX1: 91
    MX2: 80
    Biology: 96
    Chemistry: 93

    only f'ed up mx2, but i knew that as soon as i left the exam...
    i'm actually surprised i did so well in it.. was expecting a mid 70's.
    Also surprised with a b6 in eng.

    I'm really hoping to break that 99 barrier or just touch it hahahaha..
    as much as I was only hoping to scrape into 96, now I'm getting a bit greedy and would secretly be a tad disappointed if i got a high 98, lols.

    At best 83 however it will MUCH lower than that, depending on the marker maybe even 60s :S
    Im sure ull ace it :)
    70+ isnt good enough --" i wanted atleast a band 6. ERGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i underperformed in all my exams :(

    Without Band 6's i will starve; my instiable hunger for success unappeased. Ok i'll shutup LMAO
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