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  • Yeah man I got dent which is awesome. I had an interview for med at UNSW as well but nothing yet, I'll stick to Dent though no matter what lol :p
    Actually now that I think about it, orientation includes tours of the clinical hospitals as well And u have to make ur hospital ID which iirc is compulsory
    Haha if u r referring to the first week of med, I don't think it is compulsory per se but there are some important things I guess that would be nice to check out. But if u have committed to a holiday beforehand I wouldn't fuss over it too much but perhaps inform the uni just in case
    Yup it only makes sense. And fuark nice! PLS UMAT PLS BE NICE TO ME D;

    Thanks man, really appreciated :) Do you happen to have fb if you don't mind adding? I don't think I'll be around BOS too often anymore (migration to MSO, woohoo!)

    Anyways man, all the best to you as well. Enjoy dat MBBS ;)
    Try to nail the UMAT this year and hopefully attain a really nice GPA (though at USYD it might be difficult, I'm prepared to work :p). Though this is more of a secondary plan, my primary plan is to nail the GAMSAT. Reason being is because in the 2012 UMAT I didn't do very well (by anyone's standards) and I can't guarantee I'll see a drastic improvement so yeah, more focused on the graduate pathway (despite the longer time it takes) but still working hard on trying to pwn UMAT so hopefully I do much better this year :)

    Although I know you highly recommend going to UWS, unfortunately it takes me ~2 hours to and from uni which is very tiresome whilst USYD takes me like 15 minutes xD. But yeah man, hopefully things go well in the next 3 years. You might see me at UWS ;) (lolnope)
    Dylan mate, big congratulations to you man! So happy for you that you finally made your dream course after so much hard work. Well deserved buddy :)

    Hopefully I have my fairy tale ending too some day.

    EDIT: Felt I had to congratulate you properly lol
    heey dylan, do you have facebook or something? i have some really urgent things to ask you about medicine right now if you dont mind!
    Hey Dylanamali, I have this issue with significant figured that I disagreed with my school.

    The question said something about:
    2.000g of sodium hydroxide is dissolved in 500mL of water.

    I lost a mark since my answer was 0.1mol/L and they wanted either 0.1000 mol/L or 0.100 mol/L. Is 500mL treated as 1 sf or 0.500L as 3 significant figures?

    Cheers mate :)
    for the Chem Questions. It mustve taken you agggggeeees to do =P
    hey dylan, do you by chance have questions sorted by topic for production of materials?
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