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  • a confirmed S (confirmed by oe and rr)
    1st year at UWS
    likes eurovision

    that's really all I know
    hahah i dont know

    but it's hilarious

    can't wait to see how thrillkillerxshadowdude will turn out
    I was going to say hi through some rep love, but apparently I have to spread it around a bit first so hey there
    oh well that does sound alright!!
    haha i'll be the best god damn socialist you've ever seen, i'll be so good i'll even convert the oh mighty one, aka you!
    isn't pure economics largely maths based? maths is definitely not my forte haha :/
    awwww shii you're talking to the biggest leftist you've ever met, come at me abbeyroad!!! haha naaa i haven't really developed any strong standing at all within politics.

    and nope they can't tell at all, you're obviously tooo goood, great skillz! you're a wizard abbey! heheh tooo funniiiz
    awww damn :( & i wanted to do bachelor of management in tourism/bachelor of international studies, but the fact it was at the kuring gai campus turned me off a lot (stupid reason i know).

    welll buddy boi you did a very good job at convinving me, if you hadn't of told me i woulda fought you were da smartiest smarty pantz in town
    yeahhhhh i was originally hoping for a late round offer for uts, but i think i would decline it now anyway.
    hahah awwww yeah we totez gonna have the same units oh my godd, study buddies 4 life! naa you're too smart for me go away :( :(
    yeahhh i dnoo, i guess i shall find my path of enlightenment some time.
    hahah really?? i dno why, but you strike me as a unsw kinda guy, maybe just cause there seems to be so many of them around here, but hey, we can totally be frienzzz oh my god
    haha pretty much don't judge!! and i need to choose a core major from four of these options but i dno which one yet and i am also majoring in spanish so i can be a sexy senorita meoww.
    hmmmmm lemme guess, unsw?
    hi QT im doing a bachelor of political, economic and social sciences, where do you go/what do you dooo?
    Lol what, I'm not gay either, so don't get the wrong idea. I just really think you're interesting bro.
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