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    Richest Australian worth as much as the country's poorest 2.27 mn

    why 45%? why not make it 100%??? in fact why not 'communise' everything they own???? proletariats of the world unite111!!!! let's throw off these chains of oppression and rob these dirty rich people blind!1!!!!!
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    Medical student syndrome

    off topic but apparently some kid from another class fainted during his first dissection and pissed himself.
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    Medical student syndrome

    had a panic attack due to excessive consumption of multiple stimulants. thought I had: adem, aspd, dementia, undetected cerebral ischemia, lyme encephalopathy, psychosis, schizophrenia, and munchausen. got so worried I failed the unit. a lab partner in human bio had minimal patellar reflex, she...
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    Medical student syndrome

    To all you med/med-sci(?) students out there, have you ever experienced it? ie itt we talk about how we're going to die soon because the sore throat we've had the last few days is really the early symptom of SARS (or infection by the Ebola virus).
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    Gambling Systems Thread (Roulette).

    how about a nice game of chess?
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    100 UAI, no tuition, did an Arts degree - AMA

    how often do you visit /gonewild?
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    Your favourite smells?

    it's only smellz
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    fuck.... maybe it's just a coincidence...
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    yikes could be terrorism or structural failure leading to catastrophic loss of hull it sucks.
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    What have you eaten today?

    what the fuck do you talk in a posh british too
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    What have you eaten today?

    yummy what cut is it?
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    What are you currently Reading?

    started reading a farewell to arms. i skipped to the last page of the book so i already know how it ends. bummer