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    1. For all you know, maybe I didn't complete my HSC in 2009, and whatever my profile says is false.
    2. Relax, it's for university. Don't believe me? Here's evidence:
    ENGL101 for University of New England
    Assessment 1
    Online Quiz
    (via distance education)
    You're very mean to jump to assumptions :(

    Go empty your inbox - it's full and hence I couldn't reply to you privately.
    better cancel wolfman too :eek:
    saw that today, fucking GRUESOME AS!
    man getting arms and legs ripped off in front of your eyes, guts all over the place, loved it :D

    omie started this little calling-me-a-hatchling thing so i called him a balut (some phillipine delicacy that is a duck foetus)

    and then blah blah
    But best friends were strangers once, so it doesn't mean if you don't know me, you'll never become my frnd. Do you agree with what I say?
    oh, I had lots of girls commenting on my profile so he kept adding sausage messages. I then said he didn't need to since you had already commented on my profile heaps :)
    No worries. When I needed help during my HSC academic programme, many Bosers helped, and I think it's an obligation to pay for their aid. =]

    Thanks for the rep =]
    sup buddy! I just changed one of my units, doing Introductory Microeconomics (ECON1001), instead of Intermediate French. You don't happen to be doing it too?

    Oh and have you received your Student-ID yet? I've yet to receive it *shrug*. Pretty cool that it works as a debit card though!
    Sorry. I forgot, you are already cool
    (I'm hesitantly using grammar since you are mod of the english forums)
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