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  • Madam Aerath, why was I given a warning? Was it for an inappropriate comment or are you just mean? :(
    I don't wanna be rude but that was a harsh infraction notice...
    Ah...s'allright. I'll just wait for a new timetable. It would have been good to take it easy, but I kind of knew what I was getting myself into with 2 languages + switch to Econ. I'm kind of pumped actually!!! Though I'd BETTER have time to get stuck into the extracurriculars!

    Currently de-stressing with online shopping. LOL. Plus, since I won my last bid for a kickass dress (!!!!!!!) I'm on a happy high that no admin problem can bring me down from. :D :p
    I think its good..right?
    Looks amazing - getting off before 2 most days. PS. I suggest skip the friday lecture!!!
    Damn the crazy amount of contact hours for languages. And I'm not sure what to do (wait for a new timetable?) with the unit change. Sigh. Uni is stressful lol.
    Yes! Blue group - you!!!!!?!

    Was there Law mentoring as well? I totally spaced with that form - argh!
    1. For all you know, maybe I didn't complete my HSC in 2009, and whatever my profile says is false.
    2. Relax, it's for university. Don't believe me? Here's evidence:
    ENGL101 for University of New England
    Assessment 1
    Online Quiz
    (via distance education)
    You're very mean to jump to assumptions :(

    Go empty your inbox - it's full and hence I couldn't reply to you privately.
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