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  • That's always good to know :] Mm, that's true. What'll you do with your year if you don't go? Haha, niice x] I'd ask you what type of car it was, but I really don't speak the whole automobile language thing :p Have you got your full licence yet, or are you still on your Ps?
    Aww, that's a shame. Are you going off to Italy this year then?
    And welcome back to BOS, I was starting to think you'd died or something :p
    As I said, Contact Moderators. If you wish to question a warning I've given you, you are to post in Contact Mods.
    Mm, you never know since the cutoffs can change a lot between years. Good luck with that :] Haha maybe one day you will be a world-famous journalist, and I'll see one of your articles and go "OMG! I know that guy!". No wait, scrap that, I don't know your name :p No worries man, at this stage your life's more interesting than mine x] I'm thinking of something with either psychology or maybe chemistry, but the idea of being responsible for other people's welfare freaks me out. And before I die, I would like to marry a goat, teach it to yodel and market it as a tourist attraction in the snorkelling communities of sweeden. You know, the usual. Any lifetime aspirations yourself?
    Aw, that's a shame. What were you going for? Still, it's good that you'll have a year's break to travel. Are you going to stick to Italy, or go arond Europe a bit?
    I think I might've used my name before, but between the username, avatar, sig and school/subjects most people who know me would be able to guess anyway :p
    haha yeps, don't swell your ego too much over it though :p
    how's life post-hsc going for you?
    HAHAHAHA. oh dear, that's hilarious. how do I explain this?
    my nickname is jim, but the username has to be longer than 6characters or something?
    hence, jiim because I have two eyes [someone else's pun, not mine] and x because, well, it makes slightly more sense than other letters? I mean, imagine what your reaction would've been if it were "o_jiim" or something :p

    haha thanks. your posts are pretty entertaining yourself, mister x]
    because I can't be bothered spamming the thread,
    "lol, Jim lover"
    uh, what? o____o
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