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  • :( i cant do much .... i could whinge to rafy. lol .
    "i will never speak to you again unless you ban them."

    yeah i cant really do much other than hate. ahwell. <3
    thanks for the rep :) Yeah its's sad, but what can you do.
    Its been agessss, how have you been?
    How's the HSC treating ya? :p
    Lol. Romeo + Juliet isn't much of a guy movie. Except the one with the guns:D

    Glad to see you're not "feeding" him.:)
    Wow. Sorry but I didn't find romeo and juliet interesting. (no caps for it too)
    I see you like Shakespeare. What does thou mean? It appears a lot in Othello.

    That speak guy still making a fool of himself?
    Violent. Lol. Delights (that was random) Lol. Was that meant to be an oxymoron? [I'm really bad at english]
    bahahah oh wat da hell is that!!!
    theyre not even ukrainians!!!
    listen to some real ukrainian rnb!!!!!!
    YouTube - KISHE feat. XLDELUXE - "TITRI"
    and mullet is still conected n uni is going quite welll, im sitting on a hd average :)!!
    glad school is going well! not much longer till hsc exams start for yu!
    Ahhh winter, the best season. I'm pale all year round, accept during summer when my arms and face get a little tanned, man I hate the sun :p "Blast!"- that's stewie from family guy.
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