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  • Here lies a fallen solider who served this country courageously. In difficulty he triumphed, in darkness he shone and in adversity he loved.

    I haven't played in a long time, I think 4 months or so.
    Add me ID: llllllllllll #231
    I only play 1v1 and I'm Protoss. I'm masters 1v1 at the moment (I think)
    I can get to GM easily on NA if I'm more active :)
    Excellent you managed to pull off some great work! and for that I am proud of you :)
    You can make it!!!!!!
    Yep it was really late around 2a.m probably not to you though :)
    Is this your last year at uni or you still have a couple of years to go?
    So how's sleeping patterns going mate!?
    Wow sounds like you're bothered to do work lol
    Sleep early! Don't want any health issues :(
    Do you go on BOS most of the times?
    Don't reply now. It's late hahahs. i shouldn't be saying this since I'm up late now.
    Reply whenever you like :)
    For uni?
    5-7 am ? DOes it mean you don't sleep lol
    I'm doing a physio quiz. But I think I'm going to sleep, I'm tired and sleepy and hopefully i'll do more constructive studying tomorrow!!-Skipping a one hour class
    Goodnight. It is an honour to be talking to you! Since you help me and give me great advices :). Thanks.
    Oooh so you have a sister not a brother? oh oops
    Thank god otherwise I wouldn't know how to react.
    You're up so late. What are you doing?
    Man WOW! You DO have an excellent memory.
    The things I remembered what we talked about you, being a teacher? have a brother and you're non-asian.
    Pls inform me if I have offended you. :( Sorry if i got that wrong.
    LOL how cute :)
    I just know that I'm really fascinated by the human body so a career relating the idea of helping people but may be not in terms of the business field. Nah I'm not sure yet :S
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