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Phoenix Fury
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  • after you capture all their castles, after some time it'll say that the faction has been wiped out
    haha it is hard, I've only ever been able to get IRL maybe 3 out of the many people I have talked too, to see reason
    hahaha welcome to our cause. if you ever have to argue a socialist.... well don't unless you enjoy it cause otherwise you get frustrated and annoyed
    the dominance of the left today is the natural result of generations being brought in eras of:
    hurray for equality!
    entitlement systems
    etc etc

    thus their morality has been shaped for them to believe in ideals that would make them put them on the left, even they themselves don't acknowledge it
    I can beat that, my knowledge comes from lunch time discussions with my very well read friend from school and youtube XD
    hahah you should post then, I do a terrible job, I am no where near as well read as the people who post in that section
    Yep... don't bother downloading #2. Literally in top 5 of my worst movies ever watched list. Seriously, it's story DOES NOT FLOW AT ALL. It just jumps from place to place without any fkn storyline. And the actors... are horrible. Apart from main female lead, she's hot. You remember Dean Geyer from Australian idol a few years ago? He's one of the mains, along with one of the wolf guys from twilight (not tayler lautner). Overall, I'd give it 3/10 at most.
    Man, Never back down was FKN AWESOME!!!! Never back down 2 though.... one of the worst movies I've ever watched :S. Thx for the recommendation for #1 haha.
    Personally, I think that the entire English curriculum should be scrapped and completely reworked, with a base class focusing on grammar, vocabulary, essay structure, speaking and listening and new texts rather that the old prose texts. From there, students should be able to choose if they want to to study older prose and deeper texts, like Romanticism. English shouldn't be the only 2 units that count; I personally find that's absurd and places undue strain on students who don't like/need to be able to analyse texts and write prose extracts. I think that there shouldn't be any subject that is mandatory. The Australian education system places too much effort on theoretic subjects and not enough on the practical, useful subjects. Do you understand where I'm coming from?
    No problem mate. Look, I intensely dislike the English curriculum, it focuses too much on analysis and meaning of text rather than structure and technique. The author of the text is who gave it meaning, and personally I feel that attempting to get into their head per say isn't useful at all, and adds confusion to students who cannot grasp the text's meaning (because the meaning is what they make up). The text choices are also poor in my opinion, focusing on dated texts (Sonnets of the Portuguese, The Great Gatsby, Julius Caesar). The speeches component is also rubbish in my opinion; when a 2nd wave feminist libtard begins blathering about how female villains in fairy tales are not "evil" enough, you know the speech is a waste of effort.
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