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  • Yes, I've noticed, lol :D
    I try not to go into those kinda threads on other sites than BoS cos I know it will just make me mad.
    Yeh a lot of it is that but there's also a hell of a lot of people who fiercely advocate socialism to the point where supporting anything else makes you a greedy capitalist pig and claim that small government is bad and that we need them to protect us and to regulate the markets for us and omg it makes me so sick.
    Aha nice, I read political threads on a few forums but the international ones are dominated by freedom hating, big government loving eurosocialists and it seems the left have all but won :( :(
    And I'm even less well read, only ~100 pages through For a New Liberty, will be reading lots over the holidays though.
    i still owe you some rep for that ncap post

    pretty spot on with what i was thinking

    must spr33d :(
    hahahaha fuck mate i just love everything you post
    i laugh my head off and try and rep it but i've usually already repped you before
    you are just brilliant haha
    Day 9 is great, and Tastosis (Artosis and Tasteless who's Day 9's brother) cast GSL - (Korean tournament, best players in the world) they're pretty funny, very high hame knowledge. gomtv.net is the website, starts 8pm week nights and some Saturdays. Sometimes casted by others with terrible humour but okay knowledge.
    Rotterdam who casts for ESLtv in Germany (casts in English though) is one of my favourites he's just a really cool chill guy, he plays non competitively but he's ranked very high and has very good game knowledge.

    Husky is awesome, he's come a hell of a long way from when he started, HD is less entertaining but has slightly better knowledge, Doa is alright on youtube (dumb jokes during GSL).
    Also next MLG (biggest tourney in America) is next weekend iirc, casted by Day9 and Husky + Tastosis :D majorleaguegaming.com
    On teamliquid.net there will be featured streams of pros and tournaments going on as well as a bunch of randoms, you can learn a lot from these.
    Haha yeh, well it's alright if you go really well in them but yee.

    I've only played 13 1v1's and only 1 this year (so bronze), I wont really be able to get back into it until uni is over this semester either. Ladder is resetting soonish though and I intend to play the shit out of it then, I mainly just watch the pros play for several hours a day while doing uni work or other stuff. But yes it's a fantastic game.
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