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Phoenix Fury
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  • Smart guy!!!
    Does it ever remind you of your own school days when teaching the kids especially the ones who resemble you if there are any :p
    I'm doing Med Sc.
    Thank you for the early goodluck.
    Are you teaching primary school kids?
    Wow you seem really relaxed for uni!
    I like this year, well for now, because we get to look at human remains.
    But exams are coming up soon in couple of weeks so I need to prepare for it especially for the prac ones!
    Sup mate!
    How have you been?

    I realised that I haven't talked to you for a freaken long time!!
    How's being a teacher so far?
    gross, knowthatfeel :(

    and I'm talking, took lsd before unsw open day and was stroking the stairs because 'they look[ed] like aztec pyramids', kind of dodgy lol
    oh people
    if the devil asks for a dance u better say neva coz a dance wiv da devil mite last u 5eva
    Quants vs. Bankaaaazzzz
    Yo...yo yo where my dogs at
    2012 is the year i recorded this song
    Still hating on the po-lease...still got love for the vaginal crease
    i'm gonna give a shout out to my boys at NYSE
    -lets go-
    it's the year 2030 and I made it big
    got a bottle of johnny blue, gonna take a swig
    Im investin so much money in the markets all the time
    fifty k profits in a day, this should be a war crime
    HSBC, d-bank, JP, sachs got my back
    while i'm fuckin bitches all night in the sack
    cause they love me, i'm free, i'm fucking ib
    i'm snorting so many lines that i can surely decree
    that my life is so much better than yours
    while ur flipping burgers i'm profitting off wars
    oh ARM, you killed another 20 civilians
    fucked if i care, i'm making millions
    I've got so many bitches in the sack
    that i should probably give some back
    the their fathers, the fuck it they're used
    and you'd be excused for being bemused and a little confused about the all these women misused
    but i tell you, when i say sex i've never been refused
    why yes, yes it is, however i am confused as to why i am not goldmember yet :'( ive surpassed 4.6k
    br8 what are "direct downloads" srs. Im still using dem torrents. What sort of sites carry direct downloads for movies?
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