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  • Okay, then I will be praying for you :p I mean come on Year 12 is serious business...well maybe not such a big deal for now, but it will be in a 6 months :)
    So I guess i'll be hearing from you again on the 14th of March, no better feeling than proving someone wrong. Holding my breath, starting...NOW! :D
    Lol, yeah I pretty much doubt that, it's just much more fun to procastinate on BoS than say facebook. You won't last, that is a guarantee :)
    Very well done, not many people pick up on the importance of the 'i', keep at it, soon you'll be more literate in Turkish than most Turks born and raised in Australia :p
    I'm good, preoccupied with uni :( How have you been, how's school going?
    Yes I have joined a winter loving group, it's only natural, i wonder if there's a group for summer haters :)
    Nah, the comment after that. I guess people just can't refrain from acknowledging my noble and magnificent contributions to this forum. Care to jump on the bandwagon?
    Just spreading the love. :D Check out the message I left here; Bored of Studies - View Profile: SeCKSiiMiNh
    It's good to know someone is fighting for all of us, you're like Batman! :p
    Ahh yes, it's always good to expand your vocabulary in Turkish, especially if you have to deal with incompetent old men in Turkish kebab shops lol

    PS- you said simit lol, it's always funny to hear a non-Turk say simit. :)
    You are a very intelligent and wonderful person, if only there were more people like you on Bos
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